We're Solace Technology

About us.

We began life in 2015. We use the resources and experience of our parent company – a company that has been running since 1992 that has specialised in the concept of the multi-part-transaction. This is a transaction where there is someone selling, a business in the middle coordinating (the agency) and the purchaser (the guest). We have adapted Myco’s technology and we use it as a base system for Solace.

Check out our parent at Myco Systems

booking system
booking system

We share the resources of our parent Myco Systems. That gives us access to some heavy weight software developers that know their stuff and as well as an awesome client support team that already know the base product.

We are based in Canberra, Australia where it should snow but sadly it is just cold. All of our developers are on shore in a land down under 🙂

We understand your need to offer your customers a simple and unique online experience to keep them coming back. We know you require a software solution that automates, streamlines and simplifies your processes. You desire the power to increase your bottom line through up selling and packaging without the coordination headache.