We make data flow like melted snow

What we do

We provide you with e-commerce web sites and back end systems to assist your business to book snow accommodation, lift tickets, ski lessons, ski equipment hire and even insurance. Your guests can plan their trip, book what is needed and pay once. Simple 🙂

We listen and we build our system based on what our clients need. We are the software tech heads and you are the specialists in the Ski Industry. You talk, we listen.

Want it fast

You have told us that you want fast loading web sites. Easy and snappy.

Our engineers have worked hard to ensure that data is served up fast and furious. We worry about the size of data sent between our server and the guest’s browser. As a result we have achieved efficient delivery of photo’s and content out to the internet.

We pay out on different terms

Our clients have told us they deal with different suppliers that get paid out on different terms. They have done some crazy things in the past to try and get this working with other systems, like running three systems, once for each different type of supplier.

In Solace, we have one system where you define the different groups of suppliers and the terms of each supplier. The system can then pay out on different terms.

Portals for mortals

Our clients asked us for portals. So we have added a guest portals and owner portals (or in Solace land we call them suppliers). These currently allow owners to view bookings, future booking, owner bookings, statements, detail statements, payments and receipts.

We have plans for maintenance portals and agent portals….next.

We want up sell

Our clients have told us they need to be able to offer other products, more than just accommodation. We have built our system so you can define any product. We have added an up sell module that allows you to select what gets offered when, i.e. selling winter products in winter that are associated with the destination of travel.

We want icing on our pricing

Our clients told us that they wanted a pricing matrix that allowed discounts, stay 5 nights get one free, incentives for mid week stays, special events, inbuilt fees or fees that add on, flat charges, unflat charges, optional charges. Ok, going to stop here. Giving away to many secrets.

We want our trial balance to balance

Strong financials and strong audits are important. With Solace you get a solid core transaction processing engine. We have security alerts that warn if bank account numbers are changed in the client database. We log every single change to every piece of data.

Finance Experience

We have supported over 200 clients across two countries with our core accounting system for more than 20 years (that’s a lot of 2222’s). We have always said that a good system is one that is integrated with the commodity that you are trading. We allow 7 levels of drill down from transaction all the way through to the source documents.

Steady Growth

🙂 Hmmmm….very steady. Our parent company has been going for 25+ years, in 2 countries, has 200 clients and lots of experience to keep it steady.



There are ten types of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don’t.

No seriously, we use the same technology that some banks use throughout the world. Very scalable, very fast and solid.


There are two main things we are passionate about. The first, is always trying to help our client out. The second thing, is if we can’t find a way then we make one.

Plans for the future

We have a modern product and life has only just begun. We know from working with our parent company that products never, never, never stop being developed or improved.

Right now the world is spinning quite quickly and there is a lot happening with e-Commerce websites in general. Add AI (artificial intelligence) to the picture and you start to get really smart e-Commerce systems. We want to be out front!


Our goals are very simple. Maintain a close relationship with our clients. Make support the number one product of our business. Listen and adapt quickly to make you (our clients) leaders in their chosen field.

We have the best support team!

The team of dedicated and expert Client Services personnel provide a very fast and efficient Help Desk as well as installing software and training clients.