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Solace Technology is a software company that specialises in making ski trip planning easy and simple. Book your accommodation, add lift tickets, ski lessons and organise your ski hire in one simple transaction. Enter in your name and details once, pay once!

Redefining Snow eCommerce

At the moment you if you want to plan your skiing trip you have to first book your accommodation, then you have to organise ski equipment hire (different site), then you have to book a ski lesson (different site), then you have to purchase lift tickets (different site). Often entering your details several times and making several payments ๐Ÿ™

With Solace Technology’s web site your customers can book their accommodation, ski lessons, purchase lift tickets, organise ski equipment hire and travel insurance, all by clicking next…next…next ๐Ÿ™‚

You enter in your details once. Enter in the kids ages / sizes. Pay…once. Done and snow dusted.

Why can't you sell any product?

Most accommodation e-commerce sites only sell accommodation. At Solace, we took a different approach. Why not define any product and sell everything that you need for your ski trip.

We worked very hard to come up with a way you can define a property (managed or non managed) or ski lift tickets, ski lessons, ski hire and even insurance as a product. These are all done through the same screen and all use the same price matrix.

We have a killer Price Matrix

We spent a lot of time building our Price Matrix and testing the limits. We wanted a price matrix that allowed you to define your business and not the other way around.

We aimed at being able to define a range of products, not just Accommodation. We wanted special rates for weekend, mid week, season, stay 5 nights get 1 free plus many more. To be able to calculate an owners guarantee price, include marketing fees,
Also catering for accommodation that can be divided up, i.e. your can book the entire house or just the up stairs / down stairs.

We assist (in person) to help you setup your price matrix so you can get access to all the power.

Profit through upsell

By using the UpSell module you can define additional products to sell when a guest purchases accommodation. It’s a smart up sell too. The system knows to only offer winter products in winter and summer products in summer. It knows about the location of your accommodation and will recommend products that are associated with the location or region.

We have great plans to extend this module so it uses intelligence based on a guest profile, the weather, the time of your visit, the events that are on nearby etc. Solace will be able to recommend products like…well…big brother.

Choose your own payment gateway

The payment gateway you use should be a commercial choice. NOT a system choice! You might have a relationship with an existing payment gateway, different gateways offer different pricing for different volumes, or you may wish to choose a gateway that is international.

Lets look at your business model and work out what is best for your business! Simple and smart – period.

Web Site Feedback

We analyse interaction to see how your web site is being used. You can see information like the most popular number of nights, the popular periods, whose booking, i.e. number of adults or children, time spent on pages, plus much much more.

About Brooklyn
Behind Solace is a solid and proven transaction processing system. This means we have capability right through the transaction life cycle.
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Backend brillance!

Solace started life with a very powerful and flexible backend accounting and transactional system. Not the other way around. Many e-commerce providers start with the front end and work backwards. This often results in poor accounting, poor trust account management, poor audit and balance sheets that don’t balance.

We started with solid foundations and built up. At the end of the day you can’t run a business with out a proven business system.

booking system

Cloud Based

Our business system is cloud based. We allocate you a user id and password, we help you configure up your system and load data. You are up an running in no time.

Our cloud system is located in the Australia zone Amazon Web Services data centre.

Data flows melted ice

Solace has agreements with RTP, a major ski resort point of sale software supplier, so if youโ€™re in the ski industry lift ticket, lesson, ski equipment pricing will be fed directly to your business for booking and automatic payment, and orders will be automatically stored within the respective resort’s RTP system awaiting customer pick up.

Solace has automated contact with your guests, owners, suppliers via customisable emails and SMS.

We bend to meet what you need

At Solace we believe you should be able to run your business how you want, not how some software company thinks you should.

To this end Solace has developed the most sophisticated, flexible pricing system in hospitality. You can charge per person, by the night, by season, use scales, add promos, apply discounts, in fact you can price however you like. You can even let Solace determine a rate based on your pre-defined criteria.

We believe in providing software that fits your business, not in asking you to fit your business to our software.

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