Going beyond...

Our capabilities

Our capabilities extend from our people. We engaged experienced accommodation experts in the early stages of our system development. There was some 50 years experience between them. They had all used previous systems and were tired of the limitations the existing systems imposed on their business. This was the start of Solace.

To the ideas and designs of our experts, we added a tried and proven backend processing and financial system. Our aims were to build a system that was flexible, fast and had the capability to up sell other products.

The development was started in April 2015. We had partial go live during 2016 and full go live in 2017.

But as we know all very well, the development never, never, never stops!

Our Web Front End

Our approach is different to some of the offerings out there. We can embedded our web front end component into your existing web site. It is loaded as a seamless component to your web site so you can keep your branding, offer other information like news and up coming events.

By allowing this integration a ski resort can potentially brand its entire product, which has never been allowed before. You can sell accommodation, ski hire, lift tickets, ski lessons, spa access, restaurants, etc. Your guests can in effect ‘check in’ to your entire resort. They can select their experience, enter in their details and pay once.

Calendar View

By offering different views from our web site (well really your web site) we cater for the specific searching desires of your guest and allow them to choose the best format or switch between them.

Map View

Along with our other two views, map view is the latest offering from our software development house of ones and zeros.

It allows interaction between the size and scope of the map. You can either scroll the list and update the map or vice versa.

Offer an apartment or house or entire hotel

The Solace system handles ‘managed and ‘non managed’ properties. The property can be a house or apartment or a multi room hotel.

We even cater for a house that can be sold multiple ways, i.e. sell the the entire house or sell the 3 bedrooms up stairs or the 2 bedrooms down stairs or lock off a room and have a different offering. Depending on the selection the inventory will block out the other components of the house.

Up sell through smart profile

Solace can define any product , be it accommodation, ski lessons, lift passes, equipment hire, insurance, spa or restaurant visits or anything else.

Now, through a specially designed module you can select what products get offered when. This is done through our up sell smart profile. The Up Sell module will use the location, season, event dates and activity to identify which product it should offer your guest. Your guests don’t even need to choose accommodation, they can go directly in and purchase lift passes for example.

Be the site that allows your guest to choose the entire experience!

Client Portal

Supplier (Owner) Portals and Guest Portals that allow enquiry on bookings. Suppliers can view their bookings (owner bookings) and as well as guest bookings, detail statements showing charges associated with bookings, summary statements, invoices (on property repairs), receipts and payments.

We will be adding additional portals in the future for Maintenance and Cleaning.

Payment Gateway + Deposits

We have two secure payment gateways that we use to authorise payments at the moment. They are SecurePay and Merchant Warrior. We are also open to adding additional payment gateways if your company has an existing commercial arrangement with another payment gateway.

All our payment providers are PCI-DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards compliant). Solace does not store credit card numbers at any stage, in fact we have checks to make sure users don’t enter this data into ‘note’ fields for example. However even though we don’t store credit cards we are still required to complete PCI-DSS SAQ A-EP – which is a self assessment for e-commerce like our selves that only direct the payments to another site.

Web Sites run on all devices - big or small

Our web front end is ‘grid responsive’, a fancy word to say that the site responds to the size of the screen available. It can be used on smart phones, tablets, ipads and desktops.